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We understand…

Accidents happen, and it’s our job to fix them when it comes to damaging your mobile device. It’s never been easier to render your device useless after dropping it. Our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your device within 24 hours. We make repairs stress free. A broken device isn’t the end of the world. Whether you have a cracked screen, a failed battery, or something completely different, Tech Labz expert team can get your device fixed quickly.

We are the leading tech repair experts in the US, specializing in the repair of smartphones, tablets, laptops and (to be anticipated) game consoles.

If we can’t fix your device we will get in touch with you to discuss your options. We can either offer you a replacement device for a cost, or we can return the device to you and refund your service charge. Every device that leaves our store repaired comes with a 30 day warranty.